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News and updates

5th September 2010 − We are very happy to announce that ALL our travel reports and photo galleries of our trip to North America 05/06 are online now... even though in German only. If you wish to have a look at the pictures you can do so in the German version (Bilder «Lower 48»). To see the latest pictures scroll down till you get to the ones marked with − NEU.    

Maybe you haven’t heard yet... we moved to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia’s capital, in January 2010. In our picture galleries you find some impressions of our stay in the self-proclaimed paradise (click here).

Last but not least we put a lot of time and effort into the redesign of our webpage. We hope you like the new layout and find your way around easily. As always we look forward to your feedback in our guestbook or by e-mail.

3rd January 2009 − Yes, we are still alive and we have no intention at all to let this homepage die as our trip through North America is still very much alive in our hearts and minds. So we got a little New Year's gift for you. We have just uploaded a lot of new photos and texts (unfortunately only in German). This time, the journey takes you from the Natural Bridges National Monument in Utah through seven States to the Mardi Gras in Mobile, Alabama. During the three months, we have seen many incredible places and met a lot of great people. So please have a look and maybe get some inspiration for your next adventure in the USA.

Thanks to sporadic e-mail newsletters we have been able to stay in touch with many of you which we greatly appreciate. As we have gotten a lot of feedbacks on the photos we had e-mailed, we intend to publish some pictures from Switzerland at a later stage also on our webpage to hopefully convince some of you to come and visit our beautiful country. But before we do so, we want to finish the remaining one and half month of our North American adventure. So please stay tuned.

We wish you all a happy and prosperous 2009 and hope to see or hear you soon.

17th December 2008 − Dear friends! Christmas is still one week away but we thought we better start sending out our Season's Greetings now. For once we are not the last ones to do so ;-). We hope you are all doing fine and wish you all a merry Christmas and a happy New Year! Enjoy your life despite the crisis… YES WE CAN! ;-)

Please have a look at the linked PDF file. You will learn what we have been doing during the last 12 months. Hope you enjoy reading it and look forward to hearing from you. Best regards to wherever you are… be it the Antarctica or Alaska

4th February 2007 − Yes we know, quite some time passed since we have done updates on our webpage but we want to keep it alive. During the last months we had to get used to work again and a new daily routine. After one year with lots of freedom this change is sometimes rather difficult. Working on our webpage (texts and photos) helps somewhat but time is a rare commodity and unfortunately we have not done any translations of travel stories. Sorry! Nevertheless, we sincerely hope you enjoy looking at some of the new pictures we have put online (Death Valley and the incredible wonders in Utah) and as always, to hear from you again.

21st March 2006 − Yes, we are still on the road but very soon it is time to fly home. Nanuq is already sitting in the port of Baltimore and waiting to see us again in Germany next month. Doug, who has helped us out almost a year ago has offered us a place to stay for a few days. This shows once again how helpful and open the people are over here.

Even though we haven't updated our web page for a long time we were not totally inactive. Here and then we found time to work on pictures and to translate some travel stories (from Onoway to Watson Lake). Finally they are online (we have indicated those pages with a − NEW). The pictures start in Abbotsford (Canada) and take you back into the Lower 48 to the Alabama Hills (California). Once again please apologize for being so far behind. We hope you still enjoy them.

1st December 2005 − The winter has arrived. It has gotten very cold and a few days ago we had the first snow. Meanwhile we are in the Southwest of the U.S. Because of the freezing temperatures and the wind we decided to take a motel here in Torrey (Utah). During the last few weeks we had explored some of the countless natural wonders of the area. More is hopefully ahead. Already now you can look forward to the pictures and travel stories. But as usual we are not up to date with our homepage. Today, we have uploaded some pictures of our last days in the Yukon, of our way south to Vancouver and from our adventure «West Coast Trail» on Vancouver Island. Plus we have done some more translating on our travel stories.

To make navigation more easily in the long term we had to reorganize the page some what. Now you can find the details to our trip under North America. Thereafter is a split into Lower 48 (USA without Alaska and Hawaii) and Canaska (Canada and Alaska). Please inform us if something is not working or you find broken links.

We would like to thank all those who have contacted us so far. We are always happy to hear something and appreciate every single e-mail or guestbook entry. To all those who have been poor correspondents so far we sincerely hope you change this soon. 

21st October 2005  − Our adventures in the North were absolutely terrific but the actual Canaska is already over :-(. We are back in the lower 48 (Portland, Oregon). Fortunately, there is also so much to see and do here further south. Currently, we are planning the next few weeks and months of our trip and do some work on our homepage. Since our last update lots happened and we have met many extremely nice and interesting people. So there was no time for computer work. Anyway, we have added a few more travel stories in English and several new pictures. We hope you enjoy it.

PS: For those of you who would like to read more but don't understand German, you can have the German travel stories automatically translated into English with the following tool: It might be hard to understand sometimes but one should get the meaning.

1st August 2005 − Yes, we made it up to Alaska and we really like it. It's huge up here and there is so much to see and do. And the best of all, we have met great people. The days get shorter again and fall starts in a month from now. So soon it is time for us to drive south again but we still have Denali National Park and Dempster Highway on our agenda.

We are currently in Anchorage where we use the infrastructure of Barnes & Nobles to work on our homepage. You will find new pictures, two more travel stories and an updated tour map. We are sorry for being so slow in translating our travel stories but we hardly can keep up with the German version. If you know somebody willing to translate... we would gladly appreciate it.

14th June 2005 − Who would have thought this? We have now been for more than a week here in Teslin Yukon (Canada). Despite the small size of the town (only 450 people) we have never been bored. We feel at home here. Canoeing, fishing, update our homepage, cutting firewood in the big forest of the Yukon, hiking and chatting are now part of our daily live.

Since our last update of the homepage a lot happened. You can look at the pictures and read a few more English travel stories. We try to translate them besides updating the German version. We hope you enjoy it.

29th April 2005 − Back in the winter! Meanwhile we are in Wyoming. Due to the snow we decided to stay for a few days in Gillette and work on our homepage. We have added more pictures, a few first travel stories and updated the tour map (route). Furthermore, you will find pictures of our Iceland trip in summer 2004 online. It’s often difficult to work on the page as such but we keep on checking the guestbook and appreciate every entry.

PS: If you speak German, please check out our German version as you will find some more travel stories. We work on the translation but it takes time.

30th March 2005 − We have finally started with our journey through North America. The last few weeks have been rather busy and we have not been able to say goodbye to all our friends.